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White Chocolate Key Lime Pie redux and Seared Scallops and Citrus Risotto

All my pictures got deleted by a mistake on my part. sorry.

So I made a second attempt at the key lime pie I made for christmas. if you recall, I had some issues with the crust, which was too tough and hard and wouldn't roll out properly.

today, it behaved perfectly. I put it in the tart pan, and then after trimming the excess, stuck it in the oven, realized it wasn't docked, docked it, and then continued the baking. and I baked the excess in a pie pan and sampled them when they were done and oh my god YUM.

I made it with splenda this time, so newly diabetic dad can have it. it has an aftertaste, but its not too bad with the strength of the lime flavor.

then I made Amateur Gourmet's Seared Scallops with Citrus Risotto. Official verdict: eh. the risotto itself was good, but the grapefruit was too bitter, and having the fruit segments in there was weird, texturally. so if I ever make it again, I'll use the juice instead. but the scallops were lovely.

47 minutes until key lime tart woo
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