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Christmas Dinner

So yesterday was Christmas, and I made Christmas dinner. It was largely a success, although I still don't have the hang of getting everything done at the same time. But the making really started last week. Dessert was Fran Bigelow's Key Lime White Chocolate Tart, and called for a chocolate cookie dough for the crust (its like a pastry crust, in that you roll it, but its made of cookie dough) so last week I made and chilled the dough. Christmas Eve, we couldn't find our tart pan, so I got a pie pan out, and I rolled the dough. (Pictures unavailable, because my camera was broken. got a new one for christmas)

and then I tried to roll it onto my rolling pin to put it in the pan.

and then it fell apart.

and then I did it again three times, with the same results.

so I ended up grabbing pieces of the rolled out dough and sort of quilted them into the pie tin. so it was REALLY ugly. and then I blind-baked it. the recipe didn't say to use weights, so I didn't, and got a big blister, but oh well. it was already ugly.

Christmas morning after presents, I made the filling. I separated my eggs, chopped my chocolate, got sugar and key lime juice (alas, key limes are hard to find!) Sugar, yolks, and egg juice went in a pot on the stove. It took FOREVER to thicken up, and the directions said to keep it on the heat until a boil just almost starts, but that never happened. It was really thick when I said, fine, thats fine, dammit! and took it off the heat/ I stirred in the chocolate, and then softened butter, and after lots and lots and lots of stirring, poured it into the crust and stuck it in the fridge to firm up.

Then I goofed off for a few hours and ate some cookies.

around 3 I trimmed and washed my green beans, and chopped my onion, because I wanted to have everything done before I did my risotto, since I'd be standing there stirring for a half hour straight.

Just before 5 I put a pot of lo-so chicken broth on to boil and got the birds ready, including quartering an orange to fill the cavities. got those little bastards in the roasting pan, stuffed them with orange wedges and onion slices, and stuffed 'em in the oven with unsalted butter on the skin. then I made the risotto and put the water for the beans on the stove. And then I stirred and stirred and stirred. I took a few occasional pauses, to open the oven and move the birds so they don't stick, to rotate the pan, to grab the parmesan I forgot to get out of the fridge beforehand, and the risotto didn't suffer, so thats cool.

I've never made risotto before. I think I should have let it sit on the burner another couple of minutes, it was a mite too chewy, but it was really tasty

dressed with canola and walnut oil combined with orange juice.

Got the beans and risotto done at the same time, covered them with foil, and pulled the birds out. The recipe said it would take 20 minutes in a 500 degree oven to cook, and I had done them for 30 because our oven is tetchy. (We couldn't find our probe thermometer, so I was sort of working blind) pulled them out, made the sauce, served salad of semi-bitter greens with an orange balsamic vinagrette and cranberries, and then plated the meal.

my dad's dish. I wanted to only get two hens, since mom and I would each eat about half, but mom said if we got 4 we could have more leftovers, so we got four, and everyone got their own hen, just for dramatic effect.

the dark meat was not done, but the breasts were perfect. Argh! back into the oven they went, and we ate our sides while we waited. It took about 10 more minutes, and then the dark meat was perfect and the breasts were dry, but oh well!

afterwards, dad did dishes while mom put away the food.

I pulled out the pie to get it to room temperature.
It looks pretty much the same, I know.

when dad finished the dishes (it took FOREVER!) we had pie.


I had never had key lime pie, risotto, or game hens before, and had obviously never cooked them before either. But they all turned out pretty good. The pie is like eating really strong lemonade, I think. the crust was too hard to eat with the fork (its like a hard cookie, you know? a slightly over-baked hard cookie. next time I make this pie, I'll do a chocolate cookie crust more like a graham cracker one, rather than cookie dough masquerading as pie dough) anyway, it all tasted good and I didn't have to do dishes, so yay that!
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