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chicken dinner

so my mom has been having issues eating lately. I asked her around 3 if she'd eat if I fixed dinner, and she agreed to do so. I fixed this, but I had to tweak the recipe a little. I knew there was OJ in the fridge but when I went to pull it out it turned out to have expired...in march...of last year. hooray for my mom, ladies and gentlemen, buying stuff she doesn't use and refusing to throw it out! brava. so since I have been on a total cherry juice kick lately, I subbed that in (and we had no rosemary, so that was skipped) served over rice with edamame on the side (soybeans). very tasty and mostly moist (the smaller end of my breast was dry, but it makes sense since its thinner and thus cooks faster) mom ate a decent amount, and it was low sodiumy for me. also, we only did a half-recipe, since its just the two of us tonight.

by the way, cherry juice is really yummy. I don't like cherries, but I like their juice!
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