Witchin' in the Kitchen (kitchenwitchen) wrote,
Witchin' in the Kitchen

cheesy chicken roll up thingy

so yesterday for lunch I made a low sodium chickeny cheesey dish thing. It was fun, I got to pound the chicken breasts with a big metal mallet, and rolled them up with slices of swiss cheese (which, btw, are easier to slice evenly if you have a cheese slicer thing. my cheese slices were all uneven) and secured them with toothpicks. then I rolled them in melted (unsalted) butter and then in low sodium breadcrumbs, and put them in a glass loaf pan (like a mini casserole pan) and poured wine up to a quarter of the way up the chicken rolls (which turns out to be way too much wine by the way, it tasted all...winey) and then I poured the rest of the butter over them because butter, yum. they tasted pretty good but kinda bland, next time I'll rub the breasts with spices pre rolling and breading. also I want to try stuffing the breasts instead of pounding them out and rolling them up, because its probably easier to just cut a slot and fill it with cheese. cooked 40 minutes at 350 (although our oven runs cool, so it was closer to 325) and it was perfect, but microwaving it later it was way dry.
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