Witchin' in the Kitchen (kitchenwitchen) wrote,
Witchin' in the Kitchen

Roast Broccoli

I got this recipe from The Amateur Gourmet, Adam Roberts. He calls it "The Best Broccoli of Your Life." I don't think my dad was thrilled with it, but he ate it, so it wasn't terrible ;) I thought it was great, but not the best. (We like mushy-ish broccoli, generally. Sorry Adam!) I was a little distracted, and a lot of the precooking photos turned out blurry. But there are a couple photos.
I chopped the three broccoli crowns I bought, and put them on a foil-covered half sheet pan. Tossed them in olive oil, carefully salted and peppered them, and stuck them in a 425 degree oven.

When they came out, I spread lemon zest all over, and then

squeezed lemon juice on them.

We skipped the cheese for my sodium levels, and the pine nuts for convenience. But it was still really good. Just not, you know, the BEST.
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